Who we are: Odessa Christian School is unique college-preparatory Christian school in Odessa, Florida with a special focus on the outdoors, healthy living, our Florida and national heritage, and service.  Our students come from the tri-county area (Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties) and come from a variety of backgrounds.  Our teachers have a passion for teaching, a love for the Lord, and a desire to impart knowledge and understanding to our students in an exciting and fun way through challenging academic curricula, hands-on activities, and exceptional technology in the classroom.  Our families are here because they are seeking an excellent education in a family-style environment where their children are secure both in the sense of being physically safe and in knowing they are appreciated and loved for who they are.

How does this golf tournament help OCS and our students? Every year we use the funds generated from the golf tournament to improve the school or add a service.  This year we are raising funds for a twofold plan: to complete the kitchen and to improve our athletic program. 

It is our desire to serve healthy, home prepared meals to our students every day of the week.  We currently serve pre-packaged items or catered meals, and we would like to serve fresher, nutrient-packed meals to round out their experience at OCS.  From the best literature, to the foundations of mathematics, to the expertise in the computer lab, to kayaking during P.E., to learning and applying Scripture to their lives, we seek to attend to the whole child.  We seek not only to feed the brain and the soul, but the body as well!  We have already met half of our $20,000 goal, and are praying to raise the remaining $10,000 this year!

Our second purpose this year is to allow any remaining funds to support the continued development of the athletic program here at OCS.  As a young school, we have been very blessed to be able to offer our students a wide variety of competitive sports, including girls’ volleyball, co-ed cross country, co-ed golf, girls’ and boys’ basketball, girls’ and boys’ swimming, co-ed track and field, girls’ softball, boys’ baseball, cheerleading, and boys’ flag football.  Sports round out our academic and fine arts program and are a wonderful opportunity for our students and families to come together as a large family and to gain physical fitness.  Sports are also an excellent way for OCS to reach out to more students in the surrounding community.  On the other hand, sports are expensive!  Gear, supplies, field and facility rental fees all add up, and we are not hoping to cut back, but to expand to even more sports, including crew/rowing (we are on a lake!), tackle football, tennis, and more.  Any funds remaining after the kitchen update will go toward the athletics program.  Next year we will be aiming to build a gymnasium!

How can you help? You can help by sponsoring the entire tournament, a portion of the tournament, a hole, or a student golf team.  You can also help by donating items for our auction or the goody bags.  Please consider being a help to our students!  We will in turn recognize your generosity in our weekly newsletter that reaches families of hundreds of area children, in our tournament advertisements, and at the event itself through signage and program recognition.  Please see the sponsorship form for more information. 

Contact: Beverly Kidwell, Tournament Chair at bkidwell@odessachristianschool.org, or call 813-792-1825.

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Mission.  Vision.  Purpose.  Heart.

These are often considered rarities in schools.  Odessa Christian School embodies these ideals.  Risen up and birthed in response to prayer and in reliance on the Lord, we have a passion for education with a mission to match. 

Please consider being a part of this ministry in a mighty way.  Whether you are a golfer, a sponsor, a business with an in-kind donation, or a multi-millionaire, you can affect the life of a child, the workings of a school, the future of a community, and into the world.  One person really can and does make a difference here at OCS, and YOU can be that person.  Please prayerfully consider being a part of our school, a part of a legacy, by playing in or sponsoring this tournament today.

The short version...

Who we are: A school that cares about it’s students, families, and staff.  A school that is so joyfully experiencing God that others can’t help but ask, “What’s different here?”

How does this golf tournament help OCS and our students? To complete the kitchen so as to be able to serve site-prepared, wholesome meals to our students, families, and staff.

How can I help? By sponsoring a hole, student, team, or advertising, donating items, or golfing.

Who do I contact? Beverly Kidwell, Tournament Chairperson: bkidwell@odessachristianschool.org, or (813) 792-1825.

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